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Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Tony Gammalo at Spider Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. 2016


released May 17, 2016



all rights reserved


EastDear Park Gaithersburg, Maryland

We are five guys dedicated to a life of playing music and good times. "M" available now!

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Track Name: Metanoia
Devoured by my arrogance which in turn
Led me astray, I lost my faith, but now I've found my place

And I want to lead the path for you
We'll blaze our own trail
We'll succeed and we'll fail, but you'll never hear the end
We'll do whatever it takes, we mean whatever it takes
The zenith of an enigma to come

We are the gods of our own universe
Waiting to take control of our entire conscience
Learn to rebuild, learn to grow
After you fall, expect to stand tall
We all seek answers to the questions in our heads
People will change, nothing ever stays the same
And life still goes on, with or without you
Track Name: Malice
How have you not grown sick of this?
You're struggling for air and can't find a way out
Insanity crashes over you
You're consumed by the waves

Of hatred bursting out of you
You shot yourself in the foot and wonder why life isn't fucking fair
You brought this storm on yourself so be prepared to face the rain
Who are you to me? What is your word to me?
Where were you when we were starving?

How did you expect to cross this fucking bridge you burned
Shattered trust engulfed in flames
Where were you when we were starving left to die

As the ashes scatter like your mind
Will you ever find who you were meant to be
Or keep letting all these excuses weigh you down
Living for somebody else
Instead of yourself can be the quickest route to failure
Don't forget the devil was once an angel

Life just seems like a broken trail of memories
And I just can't keep myself together
I just want to drop it all and not look back
But at the end of the day I remember

My curse is my blessing
My pain is my lesson

Just when I thought things were looking okay
I find myself lost with nothing to say
Buried alive watching my dreams decay
My heart is the beast, my ribs are the cage
I find myself torn with nothing to lose, I'm feeling life's noose
Tighten around my throat
And what hurts the most
Is you're the one who tied the rope and left me to choke
Track Name: Metasis
An internal everlasting flame burns you alive
Left with half of a heart and a barely working mind
As the cracks begin to slowly heal with time
Your soul and your mind become redefined

At first the truth hits you
And you question everything, you've lost everything
Is it all for you? Is it all for who?
Countless nights turn into days and it makes your mind race
With nothing but rage

You must learn to keep the past in the past
And live for the here and now while it lasts
Because every second is gold
A second chance is never promised
Keep your mind open and your choices bold

Tomorrow is never certain
So kill today before it kills you

Live to better yourself and the right energies
Will collide with yours
This is the law of attraction
It takes one enlightened mind to start a chain reaction

Life is the canvas, a masterpiece awaits
You are the painter, it comes together with each stroke of your brush
Life is a work of art

I scream for those who just wanna quit, I beg you give it all you got
I scream for you, because you are not alone
Our heart is your home, you will always have hope
Track Name: Marsiglia
I'm not dwelling on the past, I'm just yelling out my last words
Piercing like sharp swords aiming straight towards you
I always knew there'd be a time when we all have to grow up
And go our own ways

Repetitive conversations hollow from start to end
I'm tired of living for you
I refuse to just exist, I'm gonna live my life while you let yours pass by
They tried to bury us six feet in the ground
Unaware that our hearts were the seeds
The seeds of change that came from pain and hard work
We sweat for this, we fight for this

Heads held high like they know what the answer is
Oblivious to how humans have become so cancerous

It's been three years and some change
Since they said we wouldn't last a week
Yet here we are on stage, screaming what you hear us preach
Humans make mistakes, that doesn't mean that they're weak
Just hold on, I know the days are long
And they feel like they'll never end but
Just close your eyes, and let your heart beat

Feel the breeze, embrace your soul
Expunging any grudge that you thought you would never break
Once wrapped around your throat
Now free of what you thought would last forever

Convinced you wouldn't live, yet you're still standing
Still fighting for a better tomorrow